A California man bought an at-home PCR test processing machine and plans to test guests attending his New Year’s Eve party.

Andrew Angus bought the machine a few months ago and said it will help his family safely celebrate New Year’s Eve, KGO reported.

“You put the cartridge in. It heats up. Then, you get the sample from your nose, stick it into the cartridge, and it syncs with my phone,” Angus said.

Angus said his family is spending around $1,500 on the testing regimen.

The machine’s testing process takes about 20 minutes. He created a spreadsheet to help manage the process when guests come for their tests.

"We wouldn't do this if we just had rapid antigen tests,” Angus said. “But, with a PCR test, it's going to be better at asymptomatic infection and early infection.”

Angus lives in Marin County, California, and health officials there are recommending that people cancel their New Year’s parties.

He told KGO that they've hosted other parties outdoors successfully over the past year and that he's confident they're being as safe as possible.


A test developed by Siemens Healthineers was granted emergency use authorization Wednesday by the Food and Drug Administration. A test developed by Roche was approved last week. The Biden administration announced earlier this month it would distribute 500 million at-home tests free of charge.