A California Department of Education official resigned after it was discovered she lives in Texas.

Pamela Kadakia has lived in Dallas while serving as equity project manager for California’s Department of Education, based on public records obtained by Politico and her LinkedIn profile.

Texas is on California’s state-funded travel ban list. Additionally, California law mandates that state employees reside in-state unless their work requires living in another location, such as lobbying in Washington, D.C.

Kadakia's LinkedIn profile shows that she began her equity project manager position in January. However, Politico reported that the California Department of Education stated she worked at the agency “for approximately one month” and earned a salary of $10,400.

"We sought to ensure that all our personnel were in line with the new guidance," the California Department of Education said in a statement issued to Politico. “In doing so, we accepted Ms. Kadakia’s resignation."

Kadakia’s resignation comes on the heels of another education official’s departure. California’s former first superintendent of equity, Daniel Lee, resigned in early December after he was discovered to be living in Philadelphia while collecting more than $161,000 in salary from the Golden State, according to Politico.

Records show that Kadakia graduated from Walnut High School in Los Angeles County and attended Cal State Fullerton for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Lee was originally hired by an affiliate of California’s Department of Education in 2020 before moving into a department role this past summer. Politico reported that his position was never publicly posted and that Lee assumed the position with no prior experience in California schools.