Veteran journalist Bob Woodward said Monday that President Trump has been "ingenious" with his media strategy.

At CNN’s "Citizen" conference, Woodward's former Washington Post colleague Carl Bernstein remarked that Trump may be "winning the war on truth" with his criticisms of the media.

"I think that's exactly right. And if you look at it — to Carl and myself we've discussed this a little bit," Woodward said.

"It's a version of the Nixon strategy: Make the conduct of the press this issue and turn it on its head and say it's fake news, the press is the enemy of the people," Woodward continued. "This is the big issue of the day. Not the conduct of the president. And let's be frank about it. Trump has been ingenious in deploying this. And, how do we in the media deal with it?"

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Woodward and Bernstein's reporting on the Watergate scandal in the 1970s contributed to the eventual resignation of former President Richard Nixon amid the controversy.

Despite all the parallels from covering Nixon to now covering Trump, Woodward cautioned reporters against spouting off their opinions and investigative journalists from going on TV because that might contribute to people distrusting them.

Woodward recently released a book on the chaos within the West Wing, titled Fear: Trump in the White House. Asked if Trump is fit to be president, Woodward said it was "out of my lane" to say.