A growing troupe of House Republicans eager to unleash a wave of investigations if they win back power in this year's midterm elections is demanding that the Justice Department provide Congress a briefing on the inquiry into Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings.

Rep. Ted Budd, a North Carolina Republican who is running for Senate, argued such a disclosure is imperative because it would help ensure whatever inquisitive steps lawmakers take do not interfere with the investigation into the president's son headed by U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss.

"I think they need to brief Congress. We need to know what they're doing — I mean, if there's anything that would overlap with the grand jury, of course, they need to let us know if there needs to be a firewall. But of course, they need to expose the fact that they are investigating because they've been foot-dragging for quite a while," Budd said Monday on Fox Business.

He was speaking to Dagen McDowell, guest hosting Mornings with Maria for Maria Bartiromo, who told the congressman a parallel investigation or hearing runs the risk of "bigfooting" the U.S. attorney's work. "I don't think so," Budd said.


Biden's financial affairs, including millions of dollars worth of dealings and money transfers tied to countries such as Ukraine, China, and Russia, have been under federal scrutiny since 2018. Biden, who revealed the existence of an inquiry into his tax affairs just after the 2020 election, previously claimed to be "100% certain" he will be cleared of wrongdoing.

A group of more than a dozen GOP lawmakers recently wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding an update, noting "little detail" has emerged about the investigation in the public view. "Congress has a constitutional obligation to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch and a moral obligation to examine if the President of the United States or any senior official in his administration is ethically compromised or injured," the Republican letter reads, according to Fox News.

Republicans have raised concerns over the prospect that President Joe Biden is tangled in the money web, though the commander in chief and the White House have denied involvement and stressed the belief that Hunter Biden is innocent.

"We've known there's corruption, we've known that Hunter Biden is compromised, and we need to look into the length between Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden, to see if there are — and we think there are major compromisers that perhaps could weaken the U.S.," Budd said.


Even the appearance of the president being compromised detracts from U.S. power on the international stage, the congressman noted.

"We see Russia being emboldened, we see North Korea being emboldened — China, Iran, all of these challenges right now are really a result of American weaknesses because of the compromises and the condition of Joe Biden," he added. "So this is something that's internationally concerning and it's concerning to us here domestically."