The CEO who collectively fired 900 employees in a single Zoom call will be taking some time off.

The board of directors informed its employees Friday that the company's CEO, Vishal Garg, will be stepping away from the company for an unspecified period of time "given the very regrettable events over the last week."

"We have much work to do and we hope that everyone can refocus on our customers and support each other to continue to build a great company and a company we can be proud of," the board wrote in a letter discovered by Motherboard.


The board also said it hired a third-party firm to do a "leadership and cultural assessment" and that the recommendations offered will be used to build a "long-term sustainable and positive culture at Better."

Garg gained national attention when he fired 900 of the company's employees during a single Zoom call on Dec. 1.

"If you're on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off," Garg said in the call. "Your employment here is terminated, effective immediately."

The CEO said the layoffs were due to market conditions alongside performance and productivity issues.

After Garg, who is facing several lawsuits alleging improper or fraudulent activities, then attacked the employees for "stealing" from the company through a blog post written under a pseudonym, he apologized Thursday, stating in a letter, "I own the decision to do the layoffs, but in communicating it, I blundered the execution. In doing so, I embarrassed you."

CFO Kevin Ryan will manage the company's day-to-day activities during Garg's absence.

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