Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told her staff in an email Monday that the department is pursuing "several proposals" which would reorganize and consolidate her agency.

The proposal was unveiled earlier this year and the department is moving forward on plans that don't "require changes to existing laws" as some parts of the reorganization effort require congressional approval, such as moving the Office of English-language Acquisition into the main Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

"The reorganization effort is focused on streamlining our internal processes in an effort to make the department more efficient, coordinated, and responsive for students, educators, parents, and taxpayers," Education Department spokeswoman, Elizabeth Hill said.

The Office of Nonpublic Education, the office which works on behalf of the private school community, will now report directly to DeVos. The ultimate goal of this change, DeVos said in her email, is to improve "parent choice."

The Office of Nonpublic Education used to be housed under the Office of Innovation and Improvement. The remaining offices under the Office of Innovation and Improvement will be moved to the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Another major change to the structure of the Education Department will be the creation of the Student Privacy Policy Office, which will be housed under the Office of Planning Evaluation and Policy Development. The Student Privacy Policy Office is a combination of the Student Privacy Policy and Assistance Decisions and Family Policy Compliance Division. It will be the office in charge of providing student privacy assistance to states and school districts and investigating Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) complaints.

Kathleen Styles, the department's chief privacy officer was reassigned in April, but the position of chief privacy officer will not be cut. Angela Arrington, deputy chief privacy officer, is filling the role on an interim basis. The chief privacy officer will now be in charge of privacy legislation, safeguards, and information collection and clearance.

DeVos also plans to move and consolidate the department's budget office. It will be moved into a new Office of Finance and Operations, and the budget office, Office of Management, Office of Chief Financial Officer, and Risk Management Service will all be housed there.

These changes are expected to take effect Jan. 6.

The reorganization effort stems from President Trump's executive order from March 2017. It directed agencies to analyze whether their department's structure could be improved.

Trump has floated the idea of a broader reorganization effort that would combine the Education Department with the Department of Labor, but Congress has not made any moves to carry out that plan.