Beto O'Rourke on Monday vowed to take executive action to ensure members of his hypothetical cabinet would remain responsive to the people they were appointed to serve.

The Democratic 2020 presidential candidate announced during the We the People Membership Summit in Washington, D.C., that one of his top priorities would be signing an executive order requiring his cabinet secretaries to hold monthly town hall meetings should he win his party's nomination and the general election.

"Those cabinet secretaries will be before you. Not a handpicked audience, not a theatrical production, but a real life town hall meeting, not just to answer questions but to be held accountable,” he said at the event, held for liberal activists to broach topics of electoral and economic reform with eight White House contenders.

O'Rourke, a former member of Congress for El Paso who last year lost his Senate bid against Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, launched his presidential campaign at the weekend. He used Monday's summit to reiterate his promise to also push for a new Voting Rights Act before he heads to Iowa later in the week for a five-day swing throughout the early-nominating state.

In a follow-up statement from his team, the former El Paso City councilman said his town hall pledge would contribute to "historic levels of transparency, accountability and engagement" from an O'Rourke administration "while ensuring the genius of our democracy and the diversity."

"At a time when we face an extraordinary concentration of power and access, when our government does too little for too few, we must ensure that the people of this country can hold their government to account for the decisions it makes in their name," he wrote. "It is only by listening to those we are sworn to serve and represent -- by gaining the full benefit of their ideas, their experiences, their creativity -- that we can come together to confront and overcome the very real challenges before us."