Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., urged President Trump over the summer to name a female Supreme Court nominee because the Senate wasn't equipped to deal with any possible sexual misconduct accusations made against his pick.

"I urged the president to nominate a different individual. I urged the president to nominate a woman," Sasse said late Wednesday during a Senate floor speech. "Part of my argument then was that the very important #MeToo movement was also very new and that this Senate is not at all well-prepared to handle potential allegations of sexual harassment or assault that might have come forward."

Amy Coney Barrett, a federal appeals court judge, was reportedly on Trump's shortlist of candidates to replace former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy when he retired from the bench in July.

Although there has been no indication that Sasse will not support Kavanaugh's confirmation, the Nebraska Republican criticized President Trump's behavior in the #MeToo era. Trump faced criticism for questioning the account of one of Kavanaugh's accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, at a rally in Mississippi Tuesday.

"We all know that the president cannot lead us through this time," Sasse said.

Kavanaugh's nomination has been held up while the FBI investigated multiple claims of sexual misconduct leveled against the former George W. Bush White House staffer. He has vehemently denied all the allegations.

Watch Sasse's full speech below: