Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Sunday that John Kelly, the White House's chief of staff, is prone to "hissy fits" and that he was the wrong person to be given that position.

"He has hurt the morale of the place. He's hurt the president. And he has hissy fits. He left last week after the report that he had with Ambassador Bolton. That's his personality," Scaramucci told NBC News. "The good news is I'm being vindicated by that, because he's demonstrating his personality the way he really is."

He was referring to reports of a heated argument between Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton on Thursday regarding immigration and how to respond to a recent surge in border crossings.

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Scaramucci added in response to question by "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd that President Trump needs a chief of staff despite his freewheeling style of management. "I think he needs a chief of staff, but he needs one that likes him and gets his personality," he said. Asked if he thought Kelly actually likes the president, Scaramucci replied rhetorically, "Do you?"

Kelly fired Scaramucci last year after just 10 days on the job after he made comments about the inner workings of the White House to a reporter. He said he shouldn't have trusted the reporter and the incident was therefore his fault. Scaramucci said he nevertheless resented the way Kelly handled the situation. "He didn't need to fire me the way he fired me, and I had this conversation with the president," he said.