A cousin of Amir Locke pleaded guilty on Friday to a murder count in a deadly confrontation that led to the police no-knock raid that ended Locke's life.

Mekhi Speed, 18, entered a plea agreement in an adult court in which he pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting one count of second-degree unintentional murder while committing a robbery in exchange for the dismissal of an intentional second-degree murder charge.


“Everything happened fast,” he told the court, per the Associated Press.

Speed attempted to rob drugs from Otis Elder, 38, on Jan. 10. During a struggle, a shot was fired killing Elder, but Speed is unsure about who pulled the trigger or whether his accomplice had a gun on him, he told the court.

Speed said he was armed with a handgun when he tried to rob Elder, who was the father of two, he admitted. During the robbery, he was using marijuana, alcohol, and Percocet and now has symptoms of PTSD.

Speed will be moved to an adult prison facility. He was 17 when the incident transpired but agreed to be tried as an adult. The plea agreement was announced earlier in the week. Speed appeared in court through a video call from his juvenile detention center. Elder's sister Latasha had denounced news of the agreement.

"It's a slap in the face to our family," Latasha Elder said to Fox 9 Minneapolis. "I'm not sure why they will give him a plea deal that low."

Following the murder of Elder, police quickly identified Speed as a suspect and began searching for him. In early February, police raided three apartments in their search for him. On Feb. 2, they raided an apartment registered to a girlfriend of Speed's brother, where Locke was sleeping, per court documents. A SWAT team entered his apartment around 7 a.m. Locke had a gun his family claims he legally owned and was shot by an officer, body camera footage showed.


The shooting of Locke, a 22-year-old black man who was not subject to the investigation, led to protests and sparked a national conversation about the use of no-knock warrants.

Speed was arrested about a week after the shooting of Locke. A second teenager allegedly connected to the shooting was subsequently apprehended in late February. Speed could face between 10 to 15 years behind bars for the guilty plea, according to KARE 11. His sentencing in the case is slated for July 8.