Voters must use the ballot to “overthrow the government of Donald Trump” in November, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin said in a speech to New Hampshire Democrats on Sunday.

The comedian and vocal Trump critic spoke to an audience of approximately 700 at a fundraising dinner. According to the Associated Press, he urged people to vote to create a path to change in power in an “orderly and lawful way."

Baldwin's appearance in the early voting state came a day after he reprised his "Saturday Night Live" role as a dolt President Trump in the third episode of this season.

This week's cold opening with Baldwin focused on rapper Kanye West's meeting with Trump in the White House on Thursday, during which he wore a "Make America Great Again" hat and delivered an erratic 10-minute speech in front of cameras.

The speech Sunday evening also occurred just hours before the premiere of Baldwin's ABC talk show,“The Alec Baldwin Show.”

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