Melanie Marden, the actress who played a Melania Trump lookalike stripping in the Oval Office for a rap music video, says she has received death threats.

Marden appeared on "Page Six TV" remotely, revealing that she received an unlisted text message telling her to follow instructions or be "assassinated within the next 24 hours." Marden said she went to the police and spent the night in the police station.

"The detective is coming today to scan for devices or tracking pieces and kind of rule things out one by one," Marden said. "This is either a complete whack job trying to terrify me and is, you know, crazy and there's no validity to it or this is a professional."

Marden said the threatening text indicated that this was an individual or a group who assassinates politicians and celebrities professionally.

Previously, Marden posted to Instagram to say “political people” had been issuing her threats.

Marden appeared in a promotional video for T.I.'s upcoming album, "Dime Trap," wearing the "I Don't Really Care, Do U?" jacket that Melania had worn when boarding a plane to meet with separated families at the U.S. border. Marden then stripped off the jacket and danced for T.I. while he sat in a replica Oval Office.

Melania Trump's spokeswoman has condemned the video for its portrayal of the first lady. "How is this acceptable?" Stephanie Grisham tweeted earlier this month along with a hashtag promoting a boycott of T.I.'s music.