An inmate who escaped custody in Alabama has been captured, and the female corrections officer who helped him has died after a 10-day manhunt ended in a police pursuit by vehicle, according to authorities.

Vicky White, who was an assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office, died Monday evening after being taken to the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound following the police chase in Evansville, Indiana, that resulted in a crash, Vanderburgh County Coroner Steven Lockyear told WHNT. The inmate, Casey White, was taken into custody.

Casey White, who was driving the vehicle, surrendered to law enforcement at the scene. Vicky White's cause of death was not immediately known, though an autopsy is expected to be performed Tuesday.


“Casey White and Vicky White are in custody,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told reporters earlier Monday. "This has ended a very long and stressful and challenging week and a half. It ended the way that we knew it would. They are in custody.”

The two, who are not related, spurred a nationwide manhunt after Vicky White, 56, allegedly took Casey White, 38, out of jail for a fabricated court appearance April 29 and never returned.

Vicky White told colleagues she was removing the inmate from jail to take him to a mental evaluation at the county courthouse, according to Singleton, despite a mental evaluation never being scheduled. Casey White, who was serving a 75-year sentence, was awaiting a separate trial for murder charges scheduled to take place next month.

Days prior to the pair's escape, Vicky White had closed on the sale of her home for just over $95,000 and withdrew approximately $90,000 in cash from multiple banks.

"This escape was obviously well planned and calculated. They had plenty of resources — had cash, had vehicles — to pull this off," Singleton said.

The search led authorities to track down several cars believed to be tied to the duo. On Sunday night, authorities were notified of a sighting of a black Ford F-150 at a car wash in Evansville, as reported by The two were later tracked down at a hotel, where they fled, initiating the police chase.


Prior to their capture, the U.S. Marshals Service offered up to a $10,000 reward for Casey White and up to $5,000 for Vicky White for information related to their whereabouts.

Casey White is facing additional charges related to his escape, Singleton said, noting that he will be extradited to Alabama to face arraignment.

"He's not getting out of this jail again," Singleton added.