UN DROUGHT: The United Nations is calling on governments around the world to develop drought-management policies as extremely arid conditions grip regions from India to the United States. The U.N. is summoning ministers and other high-level officials to a March meeting in Geneva.

U.S. TOLL: U.S. farmers have experienced one of their worst growing seasons in memory. The annual corn harvest, for example, is much farther along than it ordinarily would be and expected to produce the least amount of corn since 2006 — despite the most acres of corn planted in more than 70 years — due to unusual triple-digit summer temperatures that disrupted pollination and a severe drought particularly in the middle of the country.

CONSUMPTION V. CONSERVATION: The World Meteorological Organization says the U.S. drought and its ripple effects on global food markets show the need for policies with more water conservation and less consumption. That will be the gist of the Geneva meeting next spring. What is being sought systematic measures toward less consumption and more conservation.