MINER PROBLEM: Angry opposition lawmakers shouted and crowded aisles in India's parliament to demand the prime minister resign after an audit found the government lost huge sums of money by selling coal fields without competitive bidding.

NO FREE PASS: Opposition leaders targeted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh because he was running the coal ministry during the 2004 sale. An auditor's report exonerated Singh, but it estimated that private companies got a windfall profit of $34 billion because of the low prices they paid.

TRACK RECORD: Singh's government has been floundering under a crush of scams and corruption accusations over the past year and has been unable to push through crucial economic initiatives. Corruption charges have been made against ministers and senior officials over the hosting of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. An earlier audit that found India's treasury lost billions of dollars through the government's haphazard sale of cellphone spectrum. There is no indication that Singh plans to resign.