WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A gas station owner who fled to China with millions of dollars after his bank mistakenly gave him the money has been sentenced by a New Zealand court to four years and seven months in prison.

A 2009 bank error gave Hui "Leo" Gao a credit line of 10 million New Zealand dollars ($8.1 million). Gao transferred most of the money overseas before the bank realized its mistake. Dubbed the "Accidental Millionaire," the 32-year-old then fled to China with his partner, Kara Hurring.

The bank recovered about two-thirds of the money. Gao, who was extradited from Hong Kong last year, said at his sentencing Friday he had none of the money left.

Gao and Hurring earlier pleaded guilty to theft charges. Hurring was sentenced Friday to nine months home detention.