A New York Times editorial printed Friday said Donald Trump, in his latest attacks against Hillary Clinton and President Obama, is appealing to "the mob."

The editorial referred to recent controversies over Trump's campaign rally rhetoric, in which he has called Obama "the founder" of the Islamic State and said Second Amendment enthusiasts might be the answer to stopping a Clinton presidency.

"When Mr. Trump fans racist rage against the president, suggests that gun owners take up arms against Mrs. Clinton, or speaks darkly of a 'rigged' election, he is not trying to woo Republican skeptics, independents or undecided voters," said the Times. "He is appealing to the mob."

The paper cited several anonymous social media messages from apparent Trump supporters that accused Obama of being a Muslim — he is a Christian — as proof of the GOP nominee's "mob" incitement.

The Times also said that by using Obama's full name, Barack Hussein Obama, Trump "continues to wink at some of his staunchest supporters: conspiracy theorists obsessed with the false claim that Mr. Obama is a secret Muslim."