Andrea Peyer has hopped off the Trump train.

The longtime New York Post columnist wrote Sunday night that after initially supporting Donald Trump for president, she is withdrawing her endorsement.

"Here is a guy with the common touch, but the attention span of a flea," Peyser said in her column. "He's someone voters would enjoy having a beer with, even though he doesn't drink alcohol. Can you imagine the torture of sharing a Bud Light with Democrat Hillary Clinton? But some of us smitten with his shoot-from-the-lip style have reached our limits."

She cited the Republican nominee's recent confrontation with the parents of an American soldier who died in Iraq and recalled interviews she had with Trump in the past.

She said he once mentioned to her that his wife Melania had not yet "lost all of the baby weight" from her pregnancy.

"I was embarrassed for the mother of his youngest kid, who ignored the dig," wrote Peyser.

Her new stance is a complete about face from last summer, after Trump announced his run, when she wrote, "Elect President Trump!"