Bill Haslam's first act as governor of Tennessee doesn't look encouraging:

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has signed an executive order that eliminates a requirement for the governor and top aides to disclose how much they earn.Under the order signed after Haslam took office on Saturday, the disclosure rules applying to himself and senior administration officials will be the same as those for members of the General Assembly. Those only requires them to list sources of income, but not how much they make.The move wipes off the books former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen’s first executive order of 2003, which required the top executive branch officials to make annual reports about their total earnings.

Haslam's family owns the Pilot truck stop chain which has billions in annual revenue. I understand why someone in his position might not want to air his finances to the world, but it's not a secret he's rich and it's hard to argue against the fact that financial disclosure doesn't help combat corruption among public officials.