Kellyanne Conway, new campaign manager for Donald Trump's presidential bid, danced around questions Monday night regarding the Republican nominee's evolving stance on immigration and deportation.

The pollster told Fox News' Megyn Kelly that billionaire businessman had "basically the same" immigration views today as he did a year ago.

"Whether it's his speech last month at the convention, which everybody can pull and read, or what he said in the private meetings that somehow got reported, I think, and distorted by those who weren't in attendance, it's basically the same and he said it today in Ohio," Conway told Kelly Monday night.

Rather than answering Kelly's questions head on about Trump's promise to deport 11 million illegal aliens, Conway repeatedly citing Trump's past comments on the issue.

The party's first female presidential campaign manager did say Trump postponing his Thursday immigration speech was not done to draw more attention to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who is in trouble for untrue comments about former State Sec. Colin Powell.

"It's not a campaign tactic. It's for a very simple reason. That's been on the schedule for a while. Immigration is a very complex issue and to get the solutions right to come out with your specific plan should not be rushed," Conway said.

But Trump met with his new Hispanic Advisory Council over the weekend, coincidentally the same time he began verbalizing less stringent views about those in the U.S. illegally.

Still, Conway argued the questions now really regard logistics.

"We're going to have a deportation force, and you're going to do it humanely. They're going back where they came," Conway said. "Deportation force — he is talking about mechanisms. Even Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is a very close adviser on this issue, has never called for a deportation force."

"But Donald Trump did. That's why it's news," Kelly added.