John Kasich's campaign will release a TV ad in New York early Friday that goes after the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and his apparent Republican competition Ted Cruz.

"You have only one choice, one choice that will stop the Clinton political machine: John Kasich. Don't be fooled, Ted Cruz can't win the nomination outright and he can't defeat Hillary Clinton either. John Kasich will win the convention and he'll defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall. Wanna stop the Clinton machine and win the White House? Your only choice is John Kasich," the ad spokesman says.

A recent Fox News national poll found Kasich and Cruz could beat Clinton in a general election match-up while Trump lost to her.

Despite any success Kasich would have against the Democratic front-runner, he still trails very far behind his fellow Republicans in the race to the nomination.

The Empire State's April 18 primary is expected to go to Trump, who leads second-place Kasich by more than 30 points, according to a Real Clear Politics average. Kasich's ad makes no mention of the Manhattan real estate mogul though.

Although the Ohio governor trails the Texas senator and Manhattan businessman in national polls and delegate counts, he is hitting New York hard, both on the ground and with ads, in an attempt to make a comeback.