My goal is to destroy the New York Times and CNN,” Andrew Brietbart says frankly in the beginning of a new video released from the upcoming documentary, Hating Breitbart. The previously unreleased footage is from a conversation Brietbart had with friends during a Tea Party convention in February 2010.

Breitbart passed away suddenly in March 2012 at age 43, but there is a lot of unreleased footage from several documentary projects that he was working on.

In this video, Brietbart explains that his mission doesn’t just apply to the two elite news organization, but that he wants to target the “old guard” of the mainstream media.

“I really believe and I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard. . . and its a very good business model.” Breitbart says in the video explaining that he was tired of the Tea Party being smeared by the media.

“The media class is the wall that we have to climb over in order for our voices to be heard,” he concludes. “Once our voices are heard, then Democracy will happen.”

The senior management of releases the footage as part of a hook for a new video feature for their site.

“In honor of Andrew, we are proud to present a brand new weekly feature entitled #WAR, where we will choose a video that reminds us all of the unique and powerful ways in which he chose to fight for all that he believed, in an effort to level the playing field such that more voices could be heard,” reads a statement from the editors of the site.