Bad news for Republicans eager to do to Harry Reid (D-Nevada) what they did to his Democratic Senate predecessor Tom Daschle: The latest Rasmussen poll shows that the race is now trending toward Reid keeping his seat in his race with Republican Sharron Angle:

New polling from Nevada shifts that state’s Senate race from Toss-Up to Leans Democratic. While Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is barely ahead of challenger Sharron Angle, the fact that he has the advantages of incumbency and that Barack Obama won the state by 12 percentage points helps tip the balance towards the incumbent. With three months to go, Rasmussen Reports polling shows that Republicans are poised to pick up Democratic-held Senate seats in three states— Arkansas, Indiana and North Dakota. Two others are leaning that way–Delaware and Pennsylvania. Arkansas’ Blanche Lincoln is the only incumbent senator currently projected to lose a seat. The others are open-seat races following retirements by Democratic incumbents.

Blogger DrewM at the Ace of Spades blog argues that conservatives need to realize that not all Tea Party candidates are good ones:

There’s no need to indict the whole tea party movement as ‘too extreme’ or on balance bad for Republicans but like any mass movement, it’s going to come with some baggage and what appeals to the base isn’t going to appeal to everyone. Also, let’s not kid ourselves, Sue Lowden didn’t turn out to be the greatest candidate ever either. Still, she was the safer choice and probably wouldn’t suffer from 58% of Nevadans saying she was too extreme. Before we start killing Republican primary voters, let’s remember that the professionals in Washington are the folks that were touting the likes of Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist right up until the moment they bailed on the party. Still, there is no denying that Reid is/was in a desperately weak position and the Republican’s choice of candidates may cost them not only a pick up in a purple state but a nice trophy scalp as well.