NBC "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd doesn't seem likely to host Donald Trump as a guest any time soon.

Reacting to Trump's announcement Tuesday that he plans to seek the Republican presidential nomination, Todd said Trump's candidacy has the "potential to embarrass the future nominee."

"I feel bad for the rest of the Republican field," Todd said Wednesday on MSNBC. "Behind the scenes you have a party apparatus, you have candidates who hope that he doesn't run, who basically are treating him like the skunk at the garden party. And you know, if he's standing there on stage next to the next Republican nominee and they have to answer for things that he said ... I think it's a potential to embarrass the future nominee, having him on stage."

During his announcement, Trump said on immigration policy that immigrants from Mexico "are bringing drugs, and bringing crime and ... rapists."

Todd called it "a very old way of describing immigrant populations when people are upset."

He said that the news media should be thoughtful on whether to cover Trump as a serious candidate. "Yes, he is giving voice and anger, channeling some of the anger and frustration that's out there with some people but does he deserve the platform?" Todd said. "Has he earned the platform to be taken as a serious presidential candidate? I think the burden of proof is on him. I don't think he did himself any good yesterday to prove that he's being serious about this."

Todd and Trump have a historically acrimonious relationship that goes as far back as 2013. Todd has regularly voiced skepticism that Trump, who has flirted in the past with running for public office, should be covered as a credible political figure.

In January, Trump wrote in a message on Twitter, "So many people have told me that I should host Meet the Press and replace the moron who is on now." He has referred to Todd as "sleepy eyes."

Heading into the Republican primaries, Todd will be faced with the question as to whether he should attempt booking Trump as a guest on his show, which serves as a platform to legitimize the candidates.

Neither Trump nor Todd returned requests for comment from the Washington Examiner media desk.