The hacker Guccifer 2.0 released documents that appeared to be internal to congressional Democrats on four more House races Monday evening.

The documents included a mix of "backgrounders" and "campaign overviews" on congressional races in Pennsylvania, including House Districts 6, 7, 8, and 18. The documents, apparently obtained from the servers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, include the party's assessment for candidates for each of the seats.

Just one of the seats, District 8, is included on a list of districts being targeted by congressional Democrats. All of the districts are filled by Republican incumbents and are likely to remain in GOP hands after the election.

The release follows a document dump earlier this month in which Guccifer released files on five House races in Florida. It's unclear why the districts in question were targeted, though it appears what they share in common is that they were all on the DCCC's radar heading into the election.

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Guccifer provided DCCC files on two more races, one in Minnesota and one in New Hampshire, to the Washington Examiner last week as part of an effort to engage the media.

Both Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the nonprofit Clinton Foundation have reportedly been hacked, leading to anticipation that leaks from those incidents may be on the way.

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Democrats and the media have largely sought to argue that Guccifer, a self-proclaimed Romanian hacker, is in some way tied to the Russian government, though the evidence is not conclusive, and critics are becoming increasingly vocal in expressing skepticism of that theory.