Defeated Maryland gubernatorial candidate Brian Murphy is taking shots at the state and national Republican Party following his primary loss on Tuesday.

Murphy lost the Republican primary nomination to former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich — who garnered more than 76 percent of the primary vote.

“All we expected was a fair and honest race, based on ideas and principles,” Murphy said. “But the actions of the Maryland GOP and the Republican National Committee prevented that from happening. Now that the primary is over, I sincerely hope their actions did not further divide the party and will not discourage other qualified candidates from putting their name on the line and participating in this process.”

Murphy endorsed Ehrlich on Wednesday, however, saying he supports the former governor’s plan not to raise taxes or fees.

Following Ehrlich’s win, the Maryland GOP released this statement:

“Bob Ehrlich’s sweeping victory not only shows he has a winning message but it reaffirms that the GOP in Maryland is unified behind the top of the ticket … our party is poised for success in November.”