Book endorsements don't get any better than this: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is urging voters to read the hit anti-Obama book "The Amateur."

Fox and Wall Street Journal boss Murdoch tweeted his recommendation Sunday. He wrote: "Long, long flight to LA read The Amateur (Bill Clinton's word) by Ed Klein. Every voter should read."

Klein's book is a New York Times bestseller that reviews the Obama presidency and quotes Clinton calling the president an amateur.

To date 228,000 printed copies and another 97,000 ebooks have been sold. It's been on the NYT bestseller list 11 weeks, including six at number one. It has outsold David Maraniss's "Barack Obama: The Story," by a whopping 7-1 margin.

Klein told Secrets that he was pleased with Murdoch's tweet. He told us, "I'm flattered and grateful for Rupert Murdoch's endorsement of my book and for his suggestion that every voter read it."