On MSNBC last night, the panel turned their knives on Paul Ryan, blasting the Vice Presidential candidate for what they believed was a lie about a GM plant that closed in his home town of Janesville, Wisconsin.

The panel’s verdict? President Obama has to turn Paul Ryan into a liar.

“The Obama campaign’s priority is to turn that guy and his baby blues into a lying face,” panelist Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post said. “They better do it fast.”

“They better do it by the time we get off the air tonight,” Chris Matthews agreed.

“They better do it fast.” Fineman continued, “If they let that guy escape on that, then they’re going to do themselves a great disservice, because he’s a very shrewd very tough politician.

The Obama Truth Team was already pushing the narrative as quickly as possible last night, and the Obama administration is already out with a new web video calling Ryan “dishonest” for his attacks regarding the closure of the GM plant in his district.