One: Ever wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would think of today's Tea Partiers? Odds are those are two names few contemporary observers would put together in the same sentence. But Doug Ross makes a compelling case that King would be a Tea Partier, based on his landmark "I Have A Dream" address in 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial.

Two: Not sure how I missed it earlier this week, but former Examiner Sunday Reflections contributor Paul Mirengoff of Power Line looked at the federal government's pre-emption suit against Arizona's immigration law and came away "cautiously optimistic" that the state will win.

Among his reasons are the fact the Supreme Court has previously upheld states having specific, legitimate interests related to immigration but not intrinsic to the federal role thereof. I'm not a lawyer, but when Paul Mirengoff speaks, I always listen very closely.

Three: You've heard of the ambitious ant and the elephant? It seems CNN's Ron Burgund ... I mean Rick Sanchez went after Rush Limbaugh, again, yesterday and, again, came out looking like, well, the ant. Frank Ross at Big Journalism explains why the most relevant question in this regard is "why does this man have a job at CNN?"