Television personality Montel Williams said he's voting for Hillary Clinton this November, even though he supported a Republican during the 2016 primaries, because he thinks "Donald Trump represents a clear and present danger to our country."

"Trump is worse than a clown or a bigot. He's an existential threat to our republic who cannot be trusted to be commander in chief," Williams wrote for USA Today. "As much as I wish the system wasn't stacked against the Libertarian ticket, it is, making it an unrealistic means of stopping Trump. That leaves Clinton."

Williams is a self-described independent who left the GOP after saying the party didn't represent him anymore. During the 2016 primary, he supported Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and has been a supporter of efforts to fix the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Williams said he felt voting for the Democratic nominee was his only option in November because he viewed Trump as a serious threat to the nation.

"She was not my first choice, but she is the right choice on a host of issues," he said of Clinton. "Given the threat to America posed by Trump, Clinton is the only choice, and I will vote accordingly."

It is unclear whether Williams' public endorsement of Clinton will sway any voters. But his decision to swear off the GOP ticket could be indicative of Trump's struggle to win over black voters otherwise inclined to vote for the Republican Party in 2016.