The mother of slain University of Maryland student Justin DeSha-Overcash is sitting on a lawn chair inside Prince George’s County police headquarters in Landover to protest and ask authorities to “restore” her son’s “honor.”

After her 21-year-old son was shot and killed in his College Park home on Jan. 11, officers said they found enough marijuana in his room to indicate he was distributing it. Police suggested it was DeSha-Overcash's lifestyle that led to the attempted robbery that killed him.

But Karen DeSha said her son “lived with honor and integrity.” She admits her son wasn't "perfect," but said she's sure he wasn't a drug dealer.

She brought a few dozen written complaints from friends and families to police headquarters, she said.

How long will she stay there?

“I’ve got all the time in the world,” DeSha said.

Maj. Andy Ellis, a police spokesman, defended the department’s release of information about Justin DeSha-Overcash saying police have a “duty to inform the public” that drugs were found in his house.

“It is never the intent of the police department to embarrass or tarnish the honor or reputation of a crime victim,” he said.