Three mistakes made this week:

1. Wearing a Packers tie to work ... in Chicago » OK, wear a tie to celebrate the Packers' win and maybe jab your Chicago co-workers at the same time. Fine. But when your boss, who runs a car dealership that sponsors the Bears and doesn't want to upset potential customers, asks you to take it off, you oblige. You don't reject his request five times. Enough people are desperate for jobs, yet John Stone was willing to lose his over a tie. Wow. Maybe it was harsh, but our guess is this: He never sold enough cars in the first place. Best sellers don't get fired.

2. Telling us that Ben Roethlisberger is a changed man » The Steelers quarterback may have learned a million lessons from his unseemly behavior for which he was suspended four games by the NFL. But does anyone really know that he's a changed, and therefore better person? ESPN's Chris Berman, whose had his own past issues, thinks so. Why? Because he won an AFC Championship? He did that before when he was engaging in bad behavior. In the next two weeks, let's hope talking heads and writers please refrain from proclaiming Roethlisberger a changed person. Not enough time has passed to fully know that answer. Nobody knows. Don't pretend that you do.

3. Favoring Green Bay over Pittsburgh » The Packers are a better story because of their three road wins, iconic place in the sport and a quarterback who has flourished after replacing a legend. But the Steelers have the NFL's top-ranked scoring defense, a better running game and a quarterback (and 10 teammates) with two Super Bowl victories. Sounds like a favorite to us.