Wondering where you should take your spouse or significant other to eat for their birthday? You may want to try Wolfgang Puck’s The Source in Northwest. That’s where President Obama took First Lady Obama Michelle for her 47th birthday feast on Monday night and as executive chef Scott Drewno tells Yeas & Nays, it was a monumental night.  “As I watched the parade of secret service agents I just thought 'man one of the things I cherish the most is when I can duck into a restaurant with my wife and have a glass of wine and something to eat.' But for them, that never happens and if he wants to take her out and he has to go with 50 other people.” Which is why Drewno says it was such a thrill and honor to have the first couple choose The Source for their special night.  “It meant a lot to the whole team here that they still tried to have a romantic night out together.” Drewno says.

While Mrs. Obama has eaten at the restaurant three times before, Drewno tells us, Monday evening was the president’s first visit there. “I wasn’t nervous cooking, but I was a little nervous talking to them. But he was really nice and they were very gracious,” he says.

The couple sat upstairs and enjoyed a five-course tasting menu which included spicy tuna cones, tandoori arctic char, house made dim sum platter, garlic style lobster and American style kobe beef. “They did have a pleasing group of vegetables too,” Drewno adds. At the end of the close to two-hour long meal, Drewno sent out The Source’s signature 15-layer carrot cake with “Happy Birthday” message drizzled in chocolate on top...which they ate most of.