A Metro train operator is under investigation after a video showed the driver apparently talking to a rider while running a Yellow Line train.

The YouTube video, first reported by NBC4, shows a person perched on a seat by the operator’s door, head ducked inside the opening to the cab at the front of the train.

The agency learned of the video Monday and is investigating the case, Metro spokesman Reggie Woodruff said Tuesday.

“Train operators are required to focus on the safe operation of the train, and we immediately followed up with our employee to address what appears to be an incident in which an operator is distracted,” he said.

Operators are allowed to talk to riders via the intercom during emergencies and use the address system to make station announcements, he said, but having a rider talking with them in the cab is not allowed.

“We would also remind all riders that talking to the operator of a train while it is in service is strictly prohibited unless it is an emergency,” he said.