Metro has issued its second scorecard, assessing itself on how it is meeting its goals.

The upshot: more of the same. Trains and buses are still falling short of meeting on-time performance goals. Broken escalators and elevators continue to plague riders, even worsening slightly since the last report. And the agency has met three of its 21 goals for its six-month action plan slated to be completed in October.

But the new July report, issued Thursday, covers only up through the month of May so it’s got a bit of a delay.

And it comes in two formats, with somewhat different information contained in each: the PDF version and the Website edition.

And, well, some of the numbers in it are different than in other reports, noted Metro Chairman Peter Benjamin. Metro staff pledged to look into the discrepancies on Thursday.

The Vital Signs reports are a project of Interim General Manager Richard Sarles, who has a six-month action plan for improving Metro in the wake of a series of safety missteps and management upheavals. The first report found the agency underperforming its goals for on-time performance and other metrics.