Notoriety is a career ambition that blues singer Meredith Seidel will not deny having, noting, "Who doesn't want to be successful?" But that can wait -- for the time being.

"Not only am I a singer and songwriter, but I am at heart as true as they get," said the Baltimore mother of two. "I want people to know that I'm the real deal, spreading the love and the joy."

Blues Alley will give her the opportunity to do exactly that on Monday as she makes her debut at the iconic jazz and blues venue. She will be accompanied by her favorite piano player, Ro Cube, with whom she released two albums, "The World is Yours" and "Remember My Name." As part of her group Soul Fusion, Seidel will also be joined by guitarist Matt Ascione, drummer John Laine and bass player Eric Scott.

If you go Meredith Seidel Where: Blues Alley Jazz Supper Club, 1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW When: 8 and 10 p.m. Monday Info: $20; 202-337-4141;

"I don't like a lot of production," Seidel continued. "I like the organic, the raw sound of these instruments." With more than 150 original songs to her credit, this prolific songwriter, who categorizes herself as a soul and blues singer, feels particularly blessed to have a great following of people who believe in what she has to say as much as they believe in her vocal ability.

"It's the messages behind the lyrics and what I have to say that is very timeless," she said. "I look at the spirituality of the world and, of course, the almighty love story -- falling in love, out of love, what we want in love [and] how sublime love can be in the moment."

To that end, her audiences hear many of the original songs found on her Web site, such as "Find What's Mine," "The World is Yours" and "I Owe It All to You."

Cube, who has accompanied Seidel for two years, sees the two of them as a very good match.

"There's flawless teamwork," he said. "We're always evolving. She brings things out in me and I in her."

On Monday night performance, Seidel and Soul Fusion also plan on doing cover songs that include Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and a medley of Billy Joel hits.

And then there are the requests from audience members.

"We do a basic list, but then I go astray and do whatever they want," she said, laughing.