During an impassioned interview with Gov. Greg Abott, R-Texas, Wednesday, Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked whether the Obama administration is "engaged in a full on disregard of the law" in the area of immigration.

The Fox News host raised the question after a Texas federal judge threatened to hold Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and at least four other top officials in contempt of court over work permits being mistakenly awarded under the president's executive immigration action following the judge putting it on hold.

According to the Justice Department, nearly 2,000 individuals were sent three-year work authorizations after U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, temporarily blocked the immigration action on Feb. 16. In a Court order Tuesday, Hanen said the government had failed to adequately address the problem, calling on Johnson and the other officials to attend a Aug. 19 hearing.

"It seems like this area of the Obama administration believes it is above the law, and does not have to comply with it, and in doing so is putting Americans in harm's way," Abbott told Kelly. Abbott went on to point out that the president had said 22 times he did not have the authority to issue an executive order on immigration before he did so. Kelly said if Johnson and Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Sarah SaldaƱa have to go to Texas in August it would be, "a sight to behold," warning they should "get their act together prior to that."