We all knew Governor O’Malley’s bromide laden inaugural address about moving forward and unity for unity’s sake would contain the inevitable nostrum about “a government that… works.” However, in delivering the line, O’Malley should have set his gaze at Speaker of the House of Delegates, Michael Busch for extra emphasis.

Last week Busch sent out an email informing the members of the House of Delegates stating, “all members will have desktops and laptop computers by Wednesday, January 19, 2011.” Forget for a moment that the legislative session began a over a week ago, and delegates are still without computers; did Busch or the drone, who sent it on his behalf not understand that members without computers would not receive the email? 

“How would we know since you had to have a computer to see the email,” said freshman delegate Mike McDermott (R-Wicomico, Worcester),  “I knew that being a legislator would involve tough decisions, but what I failed to realize is that I had to be a mind reader.”

Forward Maryland, ever forward.