Donovan McNabb brought in his Redskins teammates for Hell Week as a chance to say, "Help me help you, and we'll all get ready for the season."

On Tuesday, he brought in members of the Washington business community at an event with the Greater Washington Board of Trade as a chance to say, "Help me help you, and we'll all make some money."

Charitable work is a large part of the legacy McNabb will leave behind when his playing career ends. But Tuesday's event was about emulating Magic Johnson's business success. He also pledged his future to Washington -- "I plan on being here for years to come" -- without a contract extension. Then again, the biggest risk in business is insecurity.

McNabb doesn't expect to be on billboards, but rather be in the boardroom. Doing what isn't quite clear.

"It's more of being behind the scenes," McNabb said. "How can I help improve a company and have stock and equity, and put my spin on things."

Whatever it is, McNabb's got more in mind than a perfect spiral.