It’s hot outside. And Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is warning that the recent heat wave and a lack of rain could create the perfect storm for wildfires in the state.

McDonnell has been in contact with the Department of Forestry, which uses a “drought index” to determine the likelihood of fire danger. The scale ranges from 0 (total ground saturation) to 800 (desert-like conditions).

“On the drought index scale, most of Virginia is in the 500+ range right now, and we should be closer to 200 during the summer months,” McDonnell said.

“The chances of wildfires breaking out are much higher right now. Something as seemingly benign as parking your car or truck on a patch of dry grass could result in a fire that burns hundreds of acres of field or forest. I urge all Virginians to be aware of the increased fire danger we currently face, and act accordingly to help prevent destructive and expensive wildfires.”