Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has declined to support Michael Steele, the always-quotable chairman of the Republican National Committee, in Steele's bid for re-election to the post.

“I'm not backing anybody,'" McDonnell told The Washington Post. "I think there are some challenges within the RNC right now in terms of fundraising and grassroots organization that weren't up [to] standards during this last election so at this point I'm not making an endorsement one way or another.”

Since his election in 2009, McDonnell has skyrocketed to national prominence in GOP circles, delivering the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address and attending fundraisers all over the country for GOP hopefuls.

He has supported Steele in the past, citing his help during the 2009 gubernatorial campaign.

But Steele, the former Maryland lieutenant governor, who has been criticized for poor messaging and lavish spending during his tenure, faces at least four challengers for the chairmanship, which will be decided by the RNC committee members Jan. 14.