The Senate will "thoroughly review," the proposed nuclear deal with Iran, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised Wednesday.

The Kentucky Republican said in a Senate floor speech that lawmakers await receiving the "full transmission" of the 100-plus page agreement, which would lift economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for new limitations on Iran's nuclear capabilities.

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"We await the beginning of a comprehensive review process premised on a simple question: can the agreement meet its essential test of leaving our country and our allies safer?" McConnell said.

The Senate and House plan to hold hearings on the deal and will have 60 days to review it before holding a vote in both chambers.

Republicans have already denounced the outline of the deal, saying it does not go far enough to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon.

Congressional approval or disapproval of the deal will require a simple majority in both the House and Senate. But while the GOP may have the numbers to formally disapprove of it, they are likely to lack the two-thirds necessary to override a presidential veto.