Arizona Sen. John McCain grew frustrated by a deluge of questions from reporters about Donald Trump following a roundtable discussion on Thursday.

The 2008 GOP presidential nominee — and former prisoner of war in Vietnam — reportedly avoided uttering Trump's name during the event about veterans, and grew angry when asked about the 2016 Republican nominee's presidential bid.

"Are you more confident now in Mr. Trump's presidential—?" a reporter asked before McCain interrupted.

"See what I said. What did I tell you?" McCain interjected. "Thank you very much. Do you have a question about veterans? Do you have a question about veterans?"

The reporter followed up asking for a response to a letter that veterans planned to deliver to McCain insisting that he renounce Trump. The reporter said the letter had more than 100,000 signatories.

"My reaction is that I'm asking them to renounce Hillary Clinton who lied to the families of the brave Americans who were killed in Benghazi," McCain answered.

After several more Trump-related questions for McCain, the senator's temper flared more.

"You've said your support for the nominee of your party—" a reporter began before McCain interrupted.

"I have covered that issue, I have covered that issue, I have covered that issue completely and I have nothing more to say about it," McCain said, talking down the reporter. "I am supporting the nominee of the party and I will continue to run my own campaign."

McCain avoided referring to Trump by name but noted that he has voiced his "strong disagreements" with Trump previously, but said he certainly does not want Clinton to become president.

McCain is locked in a competitive re-election bid against Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick. Trump has insulted McCain on the campaign trail and temporarily refused to endorse McCain before Trump changed his mind. Trump's candidacy appears to have presented continuous headaches for the 79-year-old senior senator from Arizona.