Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

That's the attitude the NBA should be taking toward card games on charter flights.

The same card game that was at the heart of one of the dumbest pranks in history has reared its head again in another altercation between NBA players.

O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen had to be separated by their Memphis Grizzlies teammates during an altercation stemming from some money owed following a "Boo-Ray" game on the team's charter flight.

Sound familiar?

The game "Boo-Ray" came to light on a national level just after everyone in D.C. learned of Gilbert Arenas' new catch phrase, "Pick one."

What makes the most recent incident even more insane is that Mayo was said to be the instigator, even though he was the one who owed Allen money.

In a league with egos that loom so large, the NBA -- not individual teams -- needs to step in and not allow gambling on charters.