The Mayflower Hotel might be in the spotlight again and this time not for a sex scandal. Since the hotel was a real-life hangout for former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, we hear that it's being considered as a shooting location for the upcoming biopic, "J. Edgar," to be directed by Clint Eastwood later this year. The Mayflower's publicist told Yeas & Nays that "nothing is confirmed yet" but that producers sought out information last year about the hotel's history and asked for pictures of it during the Hoover era. Before the Mayflower bar was Town & Country (which is sadly closing for good this weekend), it was a men-only bar called the Rib Room and was located elsewhere in the hotel. There, Hoover lunched on chicken soup, buttered toast and a salad of lettuce, cottage cheese and grapefruit, every day, even bringing his own diet dressing. His lunches got so famous that reporters would troll the hotel's entrance and lobby, sometimes forcing Hoover to slip out through the kitchen, according to Keith McClinsey's book "Washington, D.C.'s Mayflower Hotel." Since the interior has changed, filming would most likely only take place outside, the hotel's publicist said.

If shooting does land in the District, big stars will follow. Leonardo DiCaprio is slated to play Hoover and "The Social Network's" Armie Hammer has been cast as Clyde Tolson, who was historically rumored to be Hoover's lover. "Gossip Girl's" Ed Westwick latched onto the project this week and will play Agent Smith, hired to write Hoover's biography. Judi Dench is also reported to be among the ensemble.

The D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development's spokesman Josh Friedman said nothing is set in stone yet, though shooting would probably start in the spring.