A group of Maryland lawmakers want to make it legal for residents to record police activities, after some people recently were detained for videotaping officers.

The bill would amend Maryland's wiretapping laws by allowing citizens to record officers who are on duty and in a public place — which is now illegal and carries up to a five-year prison sentence and $10,000 fine.

Montgomery County delegates Jeff Waldstreicher, D-Kensington, and Kathleen Dumais, D-Germantown, are among those sponsoring the bill.

Maryland resident Yvonne Nicole Shaw, 27, was detained in St. Mary's County in June for using her cell phone to record police officers who were responding to a noise complaint.

Three months earlier, 25-year-old Anthony Graber of Abingdon was pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle and a camera he used to record his rides caught the ticketing officer on camera.

Graber posted the video recording on YouTube. In April, he was charged with violating the state’s wiretapping laws.