Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan endorsed Chris Christie for president on Wednesday morning in Annapolis. Hogan, who's battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer, benefited from Christie's support during his 2014 election campaign and has now returned the favor.

"He's exactly the leader we need," Hogan said. "I think he should the next president and I think he will be the next president. ... I would not be governor of Maryland if it were not for this guy here."

Hogan cited Christie's four trips to Maryland during his campaign as crucial to his election in 2014. He added that "the very first call" he got after the riots broke out in Baltimore came from Christie, who was also one of the first people to call after Hogan was diagnosed with cancer. Hogan noted that Christie texted him en route to his presidential announcement rally, while Hogan was in the hospital.

Christie said the backing of Hogan will be crucial to his attempts to organize support across the country.

"I'm extraordinarily honored to have Larry's support, to have his endorsement," Christie said. "I'm not giving him any time off. We're going to work across the country together."

Hogan is the second Republican governor of a blue state to publicly voice support for Christie this month. One day after announcing his presidential campaign, Christie picked up Maine Gov. Paul LePage's endorsement. LePage was the first current governor to publicly endorse a GOP presidential candidate when he did so earlier this month. As the chairman of the Republican Governors Association in 2014, Christie was crucial to Hogan and LePage's success.