The Marine Corps' next series of recruitment ads set to launch in 2017 will feature more women on the battlefield to try to bring more women into the service, according to a report.

Female recruits and those interesting in joining the Marine Corps said in a recent survey that advertising by the service often shows women in training environments. Male Marines, on the other hand, are depicted actually doing their jobs in the field, Marine Corps Times reported.

"As we develop the next campaign materials, we are going to do our best to ensure that those operational depictions are very authentically communicated," Lt. Col. John Caldwell, Marine Corps Recruiting Command's national director of advertising, told the newspaper.

The service will also better use its public affairs officers to tell the stories of women serving in the Marines, including those who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The changes to advertising follow Defense Secretary Ash Carter's announcement late last year that he will open all combat positions across the military to women, despite objections from the Marine Corps to keep front-line positions male-only.