Donald Trump's campaign chairman blasted the New York Times on Monday for ignoring "facts and professional journalism" in a recent story about Ukrainian officials designating millions of dollars in cash payments to him.

According to the report, which the Times published late Sunday night, anti-corruption investigators discovered secret ledgers that detailed $12.7 million in payments to Paul Manafort between 2007-12 from the pro-Russian political party of ousted former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich.

Manafort previously worked as a consultant for Yanukovich's now-defunct Party of Regions, though he has denied receiving undisclosed payments from the pro-Russian group.

"Once again, the New York Times has chosen to purposefully ignore facts and professional journalism to fit their political agenda, choosing to attack my character and reputation rather than present an honest report," Manafort said on Monday in a statement obtained by the Washington Examiner. "The suggestion that I accepted cash payments is unfounded, silly and nonsensical.

"I am a campaign professional. It is well known that I do work in the United States and have done work on overseas campaigns as well," he continued. "My work in Ukraine ceased following the country's parliamentary elections in October 2014. In addition, as the article points out hesitantly, every government official interviewed states I have done nothing wrong, and there is no evidence of 'cash payments' made to me by any official in Ukraine."

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, called on Trump to "disclose campaign chair Paul Manafort's and all other campaign employees' and advisers' ties to Russian or pro-Kremlin entities" in a statement reacting to the Times' report.