Donald Trump's campaign manager said on Sunday the unveiling of Trump's economic plan this week will get the campaign's messaging "back where it belongs" after a week in which the GOP nominee took hits for controversial comments.

Paul Manafort said on Fox's "Sunday Morning Futures" that, beginning on Monday, Trump will roll out his economic plan, which will focus on lowering taxes, cutting regulations, boosting America's energy production, and other priorities to help the middle class.

"When we do that, we're comfortable that we can get the agenda and the narrative of the campaign back where it belongs, which is comparing the tepid economy under Obama and Clinton versus the kind of growth economy that Mr. Trump wants to build," Manafort said.

"At the Democratic convention, what you saw was Hillary Clinton making the same promises over and over again," he continued. "She's going to raise taxes, lots of taxes, on everyone. That's not going to grow the economy."

Trump is expected to talk more this week about his tax plan, which would see huge cuts for corporations.